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Bring Out the Best Version of YOU!

As a certified and compassionate Life Coach and Intuitive Tarot Reader I offer a unique approach that combines the wisdom of the Tarot deck and animal cards with transformational coaching techniques. I hold a certificate from the Ali Campbell Life Coach Academy and have honed my Tarot reading skills through working with renowned Tarot reader Richard Knight. My spiritual upbringing and connection to the unseen realm have guided me to channel energy and messages through the Tarot, which makes it a powerful tool for my coaching practice.


Through sessions with me my clients have experienced numerous benefits including: –

  • Clarity and a sense of direction: Gain a clear understanding of your life path and make informed decisions
  • Encouragement and confirmation: Receive validation and support for your life choices and goals, boosting your confidence and motivation.
  • Reflection and exploration: Engage in deep self-reflection and exploration, leading to enlightening “ah-ha!” moments and personal growth.
  • New pathways for consideration: Discover alternative perspectives and explore new possibilities for personal and professional development.
  • Relief and peace: Find solace in bringing unresolved issues to the surface and experiencing a sense of peace and resolution.
  • Fresh insights: Gain valuable insights and guidance in specific areas of your life, leading to positive transformations. 
Awaken Your System Leadership Potential!
Empower Tarot Coaching

A realm of boundless possibilities awaits you, where as a system leader, you can elevate your impact and lead real change. 

In addition to my Ali Campbell Life Coach certificate I also hold a certificate in Critical Mentor-Coaching Skills Training for System Leaders, which I proudly earned in August 2013 from the prestigious Ontario Public Supervisory Officials Association.

As an executive leader in education, I coached and mentored system leaders.  I have first-hand understanding of the pressures and intensity of system leadership. If you want to elevate your impact and lead real change, transformational coaching can be the catalyst. The inside-out approach, getting to the core of who you are and how you operate, will shed insight on what you need to shift. Once you shift, you will achieve more clarity, leading to better decisions. You will listen more and dominate less. You will be perceived differently as you move into the best version of yourself. Leadership starts with you.

Make today the day you embrace the future of authentic influential leadership!

In transformational coaching, I create a safe space where all changes are possible.

You will begin to think bigger than your past experiences, as I work from the inside out to help you transform into the very best version of yourself.

Transformational coaching helps you get better at being yourself and to be more comfortable expressing who you are.

There is far more inside you than you might even be aware of. We all need to make the most of our lives, but our own self-doubt kills our dreams faster than reality ever does.

An Inside Job

“I’ll finally be happy when …” Have you ever said these words to yourself?

Happiness is achieved when a goal is reached, but there is always another goal to strive for. Measuring happiness on the outside doesn’t work. 

Transformational coaching says “I’ll be happy AND …”


I do not tell you what to do but hold space for you to discover. I am simply the catalyst that enables you to change.

Trust Your Inner Wisdom

We all have innate wisdom. We know what we ought to do but thinking blocks our actions. We see our world in a certain way, and our thoughts reinforce our beliefs. We tend to make up our world, go inside it and hold on for dear life. My clients come with set views that they are convinced represent reality. I have had clients who were stuck, scared, sad, hopeless or simply knew that things weren’t working and needed a change. We live in the feeling of our thinking and once we change our thoughts our feelings shift. I bring you to that place where you change your thinking. You step into that zone where you access innate happiness, and you have the skills to do this at will.

Let Your Subconscious Do the Work

The change happens between the sessions when the client can get quiet. There is no homework, there are no tasks to do. The inner change is the work.

No Judgment

Coaching is a journey that we embark on together.  I help you to gain awareness.  I do not provide answers, do not judge, and do not criticize.

Coaching Fee:

  • 1 Hr coaching with Jan                                          $200 CAD

Packages are discounted

3 coaching sessions: $540
4 coaching sessions: $680
6 coaching sessions: $960


Experience the Power of Empower! Tarot Coaching.

Book a session with Jan and embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, empowerment and personal growth.


Coaching sessions are available over Zoom.

Fees payable in advance via Credit or Debit Card 

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