Law Path - 9 Card Tarot Reading

Law Path – 9 Card Tarot Reading

I recently read for a female client, age 30 and single, who wondered if she should pursue a career in law. She was unsure. 

She considered the field to be very competitive and challenging and she was concerned about the cost of the education program. She was however continually drawn to this field and felt it would be well-suited to her.

I did a three-card reading which I extended to 6 and 9 cards, expanding upon the question.


In each row I considered card #1 to be the client, #2 to be the field of law, #3 the outcome if she decides to pursue a career as a lawyer.

Row 1

4 of Cups
Four of Cups 

A card of loss, regret, sadness, a kind of “the grass is greener on the other side” attitude. Why does the client consider pursuing law? Does she feel the grass would be greener there? She is not happy with what she is doing now, and she wants things to be better? Or is this just her attitude about life and is she the kind of person who will never be happy?O

Five Of Pentacles 

A card of feeling shut out, not good enough, other people have what I want but I don’t feel on some level that I deserve to have what they do. This is a card about self-esteem. She sees the legal field as an area she may not be “good enough” for. She has self-doubts as to whether or not she can cut it and whether or not it is really for her.

Knight Of Pentacles  

This card is about managing expectations. This knight is extremely disappointed with the present. Nothing seems to be happening for him! Unlike the other knights, he is at a standstill on his horse. Patience and perspective are needed to change things. You are feeling badly about your life right now because you believe you don’t have what others have. Cycles of failure and success breed wisdom. Setbacks contain seeds of wisdom and build resilience. The Knight of Pentacles has potential and success is assured. A change in mentality is needed for progress to occur.

Row 2

The Empress  

This card brings reassuring, nurturing, protective energy. The Empress assures the client that she has all the financial resources and intelligence and drive needed to achieve her goals if she truly wants this legal path. Self-love is essential.  The client needs to feel safe, abundant, and confident. She must see the big picture. Patience is required to meet the goal.

King Of Swords 

The client is asked to challenge her assumptions. She should look at the field of law in a logical, rational, analytical manner, considering the pros and cons of undertaking years of study and dedication for a field that is very demanding. What are the assumptions holding the individual back? Is she comparing herself to others, thinking she is limited because she is a woman, a minority, not smart enough etc.? Does her fixed way of thinking hold her back?

The Emperor

Is a strong card to be in the position of outcome. The Emperor sets a firm foundation for success, which is exactly what pursuing this goal would mean. The Emperor is ready for action, wearing armour under his robes. He exudes balanced energy and confidence.

The Emperor demands structure. To fulfill the dream, a plan must be drawn up and action taken.

Row 3

Five Of Cups 

Negative thinking. An individual stands with 5 cups on the ground, two upright and filled and three spilt on the ground. The focus is on the spilt cups rather than those that remain standing. This is about accepting setbacks, learning from them, and moving on with gratitude for what we still have rather than being filled with remorse, regret, and a sense of loss. The client needs to change her mindset and keep her thoughts positive.

Ten Of Pentacles

The “Happy Family” card. There is so much to be grateful for. The family has all it needs, life is good, and life is to be enjoyed. There is a sense of completion since goals have been met and the family is in an excellent position. There is a sense of security and stability, of having “arrived” and of being in a very good situation. This card would say that the field of law offers security in a financial sense and a means of providing her family with a good life.

Page Of Pentacles

This card is about learning and having a real passion for your studies. It can represent anxiety about achievement. The goal is so important that worry and anxiety can take over at times. It can represent a career that you love and are passionate about. A reassuring final card in a reading on career choice, sitting as the outcome, it would appear that law school is around the corner! 

Mood Card

A card I draw that influences the reading overall.

Knight Of Cups
Knight Of Cups

Brave messenger of love – This card brings passion and excitement into your life, and this could be what the client will experience as part of her legal education. It may also mean that she will fall in love with and marry someone she meets while engaged in her studies.

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