Meet Jan

My Journey with Tarot

Reading tarot has been a passion of mine for many years. During the lockdown, I enhanced my knowledge by studying with Richard Knight, a world-renowned tarot reader. Each time I do a reading I feel privileged to enter the sacred, intimate world of my clients. I am humbled and amazed by the revelations of the Tarot. I am sure you will be too.


When I was young my father told me that when relatives or friends passed on, he would encounter their spirits at night and chat with them. This was as “normal” as having a bird communicate with him from the windowsill. My Dad was French, Irish, and Algonquin native Canadian. His spiritual side opened my mind and heart to the unseen realm.


When I started reading the tarot I realised that I was channelling energy and that messages were flowing from me to the clients with the cards serving as a catalyst. I believe this is a gift from my bloodline that I am meant to use to help people.

Transformational Coaching

My coaching practice is a natural fit with tarot. Just as the tarot taps the subconscious mind, so does transformational coaching. A sequence of provocative questions takes the client on a deep journey of exploration.  Clients emerge as the very best version of themselves, more confident and self-aware, more comfortable with themselves and others.


When I left my career in education as a superintendent for a large Canadian school board, I missed the coaching aspect of my role. Coaching principals and vice principals was an important and gratifying part of my work.  My background training and experience in facilitation and coaching afforded me an easy transition to transformational coaching as a complement to my tarot business.

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