These are some thank you messages from clients whom I have had the pleasure to meet through readings

David. C , Canada
What a remarkable experience!!  This was my first ever Tarot reading in my life and I’m glad I did it! 
After my session with Jan, I now understand what my spirit has been trying to tell me throughout the years.  Jan had answered all of my deepest (subconscious) questions through her Tarot reading and found the ways to guide me to achieve great success for today and for the future. 
I now see the person that I need to become to move forward in this world.  I now see what I need to do to bring peace into my life.  I now feel guided with my inner spirit that is filled with so much light.
Thank you so much for opening up your heart and welcoming my soul with open arms.  
Krista, Canada

“I had my first tarot card reading experience recently with Jan. It was a very enlightening and encouraging experience which made me feel more at ease and comfortable with where I’m at in my life personally, spiritually and with my career path. Jan’s reading confirmed things I feel as though I knew but needed the reminder to make it a priority and continue to listen more to my body.  I highly recommend Jan for anyone who’s looking for confirmation or guidance on their life questions.”

Mekisha Banks, Mississauga, Ontario

“ Jan is absolutely talented and knowledgeable in her craft! I completed a full spread tarot reading and messages from Spirit with her, and was more than pleased and touched in my heart. Jan not only channelled guidance that truly resonated to me on all levels (career, home, love, life and mindfulness) but her way of communicating these messages is what sets her apart from everyone else. By the end of our appointment, I was overjoyed with love and crying from the authentic delivery of her messages. Thank you Jan for your talent, I have not only seen things transform in my life from our reading but it has instilled in me a great gratitude for the passion you exude from your work! I highly recommend you to the world!”

A.R. Mississauga, Ontario

“I recently had an amazing session with Jan. Jan is an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance. She is very Intuitive, responsive and caring. Jan is a gifted listener. She has a great background in education and this combination is what makes her such a wonderful coach and human being to work with.” 

Marga M. New Mexico, USA

This is the first reading I’ve ever had where I emerged with such clarity and peace of mind and heart. Jan was incredible from start to finish in her accuracy and delivery.  There was calmness, grace, powerful insight and lots of laughter too! It was the complete package with a unique introduction before the actual reading which truly helped me understand myself and my path. Thank you, Jan, for a most wonderful and amazing experience! 


There may be a number of emotions and thoughts one goes through, with just the idea of talking to a psychic. And once the decision has been made you may struggle with narrowing down the “right” questions for you. Questions you believe are best or maybe it’s just what you believe you want the “crystal ball” to reveal. I was eager yet apprehensive, totally anxious. Jan recognized this and quickly eased my nerves through conversation. 

During the session she shared a number of things: the good, the awesome and the not so hot. “The not so hot”, was a description of who I “was” at that time. Although I didn’t like hearing it, I realized that there is growth through being uncomfortable. One needs to acknowledge the past, make necessary adjustments in the present, to ensure a more joyful and successful future. I found the time with her to be insightful and rewarding. She was precise with her reading. Then followed it up with encouragement, inspiration and suggestions. This gave me a more positive outlook on this next half of my life. To those who are on the fence…it’s time you jump off of it, make a decision and contact Jan.  

Presently I’m putting into action what I’ve learned from my 1st session with Jan. I look forward to sharing my accomplishments and learning more positive aspects of the future. Thank you Jan. 

Kimberly Stevenson, St. Catharines, ON

Jan was my first experience with tarot cards.  It was a very positive and healing experience for me.  I felt personally connected to her within minutes.  She was a perfect fit for what I was looking for.  Jan held my vulnerable story with respect and honour.  She knew the cards well and took her time explaining them to me.  I feel like Jan’s reading gave me the confirmation for things I already had a sense of, or maybe even knew.  She was patient with my questions and oh so encouraging, compassionate and kind.  I would recommend her to all my friends and family.  I look forward to a second reading!!!!!!


My reading with Jan was amazing. She had me in happy tears within minutes of our time together. She was very informative and was able to answer all my questions. After my reading with Jan, I feel very optimistic about what my future holds for me, and I am very thankful to have met her and to have had her do my reading.

John Howard

Jan’s Tarot Reading was fun, interesting, and certainly thought provoking. I am new to Tarot and found her warm and nurturing manner allayed apprehensions and created a mutually supportive exchange. Jan is an excellent communicator and the Tarot session turned into a most engaging opportunity full of self-reflection and discovery. I appreciated her sensitivity, clarity, and insight. Best wishes as she pursues this new vocation!

Lauren H

I would 100% recommend Jan for a tarot card reading!

This was a coaching session that I highly benefited from. She helped me understand things about myself that I never really considered much, and how it could be holding me back from my future. She was easy/fun to talk to and she made me feel very comfortable. To be honest, I’d like to hang out with her more!
She answered the questions that I had about myself/future, and then coached me through how/what I need to do to get there, pointing out positive and negative things to work on and help me in my future (which we all need sometimes). I would recommend her to any family/friend of mine.
She was also very accommodating when I needed to switch my reading to a different day.
Thank you Jan!

Eliza J. Toronto, ON

My reading with Jan was a beautiful and emotional rollercoaster filled with truths and guidance that I needed to hear. She was so kind and helpful, everything that was said resonated deeply and I left the reading with a sense of clarity, peace and understanding. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I urge everyone to book a reading!


“It was a pleasure to have a reading with Jan. Her kindness and positivity radiate through, making it a very comfortable experience. The reading resonated a great deal. I had a couple other readings with other people and Jan’s information was spot on with what others said. Chills! Would highly recommend and will definitely be back for another!”


Good morning Jan,

It was great meeting with you.

I left feeling some peace in my heart.

Thank you for that. 

Much gratitude, 


I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday and for encouraging me and allowing me to open up. I feel like I am now getting onto the right path and focusing more on me! I will definitely be in touch for another reading at some point. I still have lots to digest.

Thank you so much for your kindness.


Thank you Jan!

It was an absolute pleasure listening to your readings and they were spot on about my kiddos. I read them their animal descriptions and they got a kick out of it!

Thanks again 🙂


Jan you are such an amazing reader, and It was a wonderful experience. I can’t find the words to describe it, but it was magical.

Thank you for everything.


“Jan was jaw dropping amazing. She is such an overall, kind woman who you can tell is really passionate about tarot cards. She was very easy to connect with and made sure you understood what she was saying. She did an awesome job with my reading, and I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds! I will be booking another session for sure!” 

Fionna Stevenson, Toronto, Ontario

This was just my second tarot card reading that I have received, and I was absolutely amazed. The reading was spot on and Jan did a fantastic job making me not only feel welcomed into the field of tarot readings but explained in great depth my cards. It was exactly what I needed to reset and move forward with various aspects of my life, as she guided me in the right direction using insights into my life and who I am as a person. I highly recommend Jan’s services and will definitely go again.  

Sarah Smith

This was my first time having a tarot card reading and I highly recommend it for anyone. Jan is very easy to talk to, knowledgeable and reassuring. It was really eye opening as she allowed me to reflect on things in my life I usually wouldn’t consider. I left feeling very optimistic and at peace with my past present and future!


Hi Jan

Just wanted to give you a huge thanks for doing my Tarot Card reading today.  It made my day.   So exciting what is happening in my life right now and then so much more to come.

You read me so well.   There was just so much, and I am still trying to take it all in.   Loved the Spirit message, the Angel card and I loved the two animals that came up for me. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do my cards and for the work that you put into it.

You have so much knowledge with the Tarot Cards and again thanks so much.

Mikayla Mucciarrelli, Brighton, UK

I had such a beautiful reading with Jan. She was incredibly friendly and easy to talk to which made me feel very comfortable. She picked up on my energy right away and her reading was very accurate. I would recommend having your cards read by Jan in a heartbeat!


“I was very hesitant to have a zoom meeting with Jan for my tarot reading as I have never had one before nor met Jan before this, and I did not know what to expect. Jan was very inviting and welcoming, and she made me feel very comfortable as she started off with casual conversation. She helped me feel excited and positive towards the next steps in my life. Most of the conversation was spot on regarding who I am, my life, my career. I was very interested and shocked for some of the things she read in my cards, but most of it is possible to occur in my lifetime so I was very intrigued to listen to what else she might have said. All in all, I think Jan created a calm environment and helped me realize the next steps needed to take to further blossom in my life & career.” 



Nicola Stewart, Scotland, UK

I had a reading today with Jan which was very informative. I asked 2 very specific questions which I was looking for guidance on and she delivered amazing, exciting insight into both. I had two tarot spreads, one for each question which really got to the heart of the matter and then she gave me some guidance on where to go from there and answered my queries. 

Before the meeting Jan had done some channelling regarding my questions and I was blown away with not only the amount of information but the depth she went to. I can’t wait to see if it comes to pass. 

Jan has a wonderful energy. She has a very calming nature and was happy to answer all my questions. I never felt rushed and felt like I had known her for years. I will definitely be back for another reading in the future and will be recommending her to my friends.

Jackie Carron, Toronto, Canada

Jan mentioned something in my reading that resonated with me in a big way.   Since then I’ve been embracing what she said and I feel like something has shifted.  I like it. Highly recommend a reading with Jan, she is a gifted intuitive.

Eva, United Kingdom

Jan is an amazing tarot reader. Her reading was very informative and definitely resonated with me a lot. She is very intuitive and can connect to spirit guides to read messages through tarot cards. I felt very calm energy through the reading, and I would definitely recommend Jan to anyone who is interested in a tarot card reading. 

Meeting our goals in life can be a rugged climb with challenging setbacks. But the mountain peaks await! When at last we make it, the beauty takes our breath away. Let the Tarot ease your journey.

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