The Superwoman Complex – How Life Coaching Can Help


Life can often feel like a juggling act, trying to balance work, family, friends, and personal aspirations. It’s no wonder that many individuals find themselves yearning for more, feeling overwhelmed by the weight of their responsibilities. I’ve encountered so many women who are experiencing the ‘superwoman complex’, taking on too much and feeling burned out.


I recently had a client come to me seeking support and structure in her life, as she was burned out from taking on too much.  She was struggling to balance the effort she was giving to friends, family and work, and this left little time for herself.


She found solace in our structured sessions but was pleasantly surprised by the intuitive coaching and tarot readings that were interspersed throughout. After each session, a particular question would linger in her mind, percolating and demanding resolution. She allowed herself to sit with it, working through it over the following weeks. She discovered that her subconscious mind took over, providing insights and solutions without the need for additional homework or external effort.


My client found contentment in the safe space created during our coaching sessions. She learned to draw up and stick to boundaries, releasing the burdens she had taken on from others. By doing so, she created a freer and happier life, free from guilt and overwhelm. Through my continued guidance and support, I watched as she became lighter, more in charge of her own life, and experienced a newfound sense of freedom.


Life is filled with questions that persistently resurface, requiring answers that evolve as we move through different stages and segments. Many of my clients desire a coaching experience that offers both structure and flexibility, and they find value in the combination of structured sessions and free-flowing conversations where they can openly express their thoughts and concerns. One of my main goals is to provide the space for exploration, observing my clients transition bit by bit toward greater clarity and understanding.


When I conduct my coaching sessions, I reassure my clients that “homework” is automatically delegated to the subconscious mind. After all, who better to tackle the tasks and questions that linger, than the part of your mind that knows you better than you know yourself? By allowing the subconscious to take over, you can tap into its vast wisdom and insights, relieving yourself of the burden of trying to figure everything out consciously. This is “luxury” coaching! It’s not “lazy” coaching, but it does allow you to sit back and observe in between sessions to see what comes up.


And as many clients experience, when a question continues to stay with them after a coaching session, it’s a sign that there is more clarity to be gained. I ask them to trust the process, even as they sleep. Gradually, you’ll find that answers and insights emerge, bringing comfort and gradually releasing the problem’s grip on your mind. Over time, what once seemed like a problem transforms into an opportunity for growth and transformation.


The  typical “homework” required in other coaching models would muddy the waters with transformational coaching. I don’t believe that life must be solely task-oriented or that we constantly need to strive to get things done. In fact, the more we relax and allow ourselves to slip into the subconscious realm, the easier it becomes to find answers. By embracing the power of the subconscious mind, we release tension and allow the truth to rise effortlessly.


In every session I have with clients, I hold space for silence and pause longer than what may initially feel comfortable. It is within this sacred time and space that profound shifts occur. Embracing the quiet allows you to fully relax into the truth, allowing it to emerge naturally. Instead of fighting against it by working tirelessly to find answers, you surrender to the process and trust that the answers will come when the time is right.


The integration of life coaching and tarot offers a powerful combination for balance and clarity to emerge as your new norm. You have the opportunity to navigate the complexities of life with support, structure, and intuitive insights. With the  subconscious mind in the lead, you open up to a realm of wisdom and understanding that goes beyond conscious effort. Embrace the power of your own inner guidance, and discover a more harmonious and fulfilling life journey.


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